Yesterday, I joined good friends Jeff and Jenny on a trip to Chinatown.

only one gift available--everything else is martial arts

We ate at a restaurant from which I ordered Hunan beef. It was pretty fucking salty and hence the title of this blog post.

As they were headed to an event to which I had no tickets, I decided to head back early and break into their house to dick around for a while. Managed to let myself into the locked door with some investigative magic. I felt pretty Phoenix Wright-y about the whole thing.

I was planning on staying there until Jeff and Jenny returned, without telling them I was there, but Sklar, their roommate and another of my friends, returned first with his ladyfriend. I was hoping for a bigger reaction than the one he had when seeing me creepily sitting in the chair in front of the door, but we had a pretty nice conversation so hey.

This all reminds me of one thing:

I wanna go see Kung Fu Panda 2. Who’s coming with me?



About neokimchi

Film student (almost done with that), casting ace, actor, fist for hire.
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