Regarding Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion is that guy from Firefly who everybody wanted to play Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie. He’s also Castle in Castle. He looks suspiciously like this:

"The Hammer is my penis."

To me, Nathan Fillion is like that one particularly nice ex-boyfriend of your older sister, who it turns out is into all of the same nerdy shit you’re into, except that he’s a lot bigger and better looking than you, so after he and your sister have stopped boning for good, you don’t feel too awkward about asking him to beat up these neighborhood toughs who keep giving you shit for being into Warhammer 40K, and he’s actually totally down for it, so next time the toughs come around, you call on your big new friend Nathan, and he shows up, but instead of smacking the shit out of the toughs like you expect him to, he instead gently explains to them why what they’re doing is wrong, and calls at least one of them “guy” and another one “bud,” and the toughs get a bit weirded out and leave, and you and Nathan go to a pub to celebrate the victory, and you have a few drinks with him, but after having an actual conversation with the guy, you realize he makes a lot of relatively lame jokes, and that he’s actually pretty awkward, which is why your sister ended up breaking up with him, and you’re probably not going to hang out with him again unless all your friends are out of town.



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Film student (almost done with that), casting ace, actor, fist for hire.
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2 Responses to Regarding Nathan Fillion

  1. anonymous says:

    What are you basing this off of? Did you just randomly go on a rant about Nathan Fillion’s character and personality with no foundation or basis? Because that seems wholly arbitrary and, quite frankly, fucking weird. And not in a good way.

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