hella lost

I got lost a shit ton today, but some good things happened as a result…

Got lost on the way to meet my friends for a little hike. Found a nice cup of coffee as a result.

Arrived at the meeting place too late; my friends thought I wasn’t coming and had already left. But the meeting place was Te Papa, a free national museum that is amazing. Spent a while there meandering and realizing that New Zealand is even cooler than I thought.

also a FUCKTON weirder

Left, and started going home.

Got lost.

Found a martial arts supply store. Couldn’t shell out for something on the spot, but it’s good to know it’s there. Left.
Got lost again.

Stumbled upon a supermarket. Figured I may as well do my week’s grocery shopping. Did that. Left to go home.

This is across the street from said supermarket. It's a more interesting picture than the one I took of a supermarket.

Got lost yet again.

Asked a Korean shop owner for advice on getting back home… it took me a while to realize she thought I didn’t understand Korean. When I told her she could explain in Korean, she scolded me like an auntie for letting her struggle in English and proceeded to be absurdly helpful. She saw I was carrying several heavy bags of groceries and got me bigger bags to consolidate them in and sent me on the way. It was a pretty cool interaction.

Fortunately, with her advice I got back alright. But man, what a way to spend the first half of a day.

It was raining the whole time, but it’s still beautiful.



About neokimchi

Film student (almost done with that), casting ace, actor, fist for hire.
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