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Film student (almost done with that), casting ace, actor, fist for hire.

on #occupywallstreet

Nothing about New Zealand today. Just some feelings I have about current events. This was originally a comment I posted on my friend’s post regarding the Occupy Wall Street protests, so, no caps. Haha. *** i have mixed feelings about … Continue reading

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the natural confectionery

Sweet Jesus. To what unearthly power did the owners of The Natural Confectionery pray to make such delicious gummy treats? In other news, my friends and I took a little trip to the beach over the past weekend. (No photos; … Continue reading

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hot damn

It’s been a while. And it’ll be a bit longer, before I’ve finished compiling all the shit for an entry on my spring break. Which was awesome. This blog, young as it is, has already been valuable in helping me … Continue reading

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Been a while since I updated. Been too busy New Zealanding it up. So what do I do for my first blog post in almost a month? Talk about my experiences in this exciting and beautiful foreign land? Describe the … Continue reading

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hella lost

I got lost a shit ton today, but some good things happened as a result… Got lost on the way to meet my friends for a little hike. Found a nice cup of coffee as a result. Arrived at the … Continue reading

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land of the something something cloud

Holy shit on a hot tin shit I’m here in New Zealand. Been here for the better part of a week, absorbing all of this NZ-ness into my pores and releasing it into my bloodstream for warmth in this cold-ass … Continue reading

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