Regarding Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion is that guy from Firefly who everybody wanted to play Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie. He’s also Castle in Castle. He looks suspiciously like this:

"The Hammer is my penis."

To me, Nathan Fillion is like that one particularly nice ex-boyfriend of your older sister, who it turns out is into all of the same nerdy shit you’re into, except that he’s a lot bigger and better looking than you, so after he and your sister have stopped boning for good, you don’t feel too awkward about asking him to beat up these neighborhood toughs who keep giving you shit for being into Warhammer 40K, and he’s actually totally down for it, so next time the toughs come around, you call on your big new friend Nathan, and he shows up, but instead of smacking the shit out of the toughs like you expect him to, he instead gently explains to them why what they’re doing is wrong, and calls at least one of them “guy” and another one “bud,” and the toughs get a bit weirded out and leave, and you and Nathan go to a pub to celebrate the victory, and you have a few drinks with him, but after having an actual conversation with the guy, you realize he makes a lot of relatively lame jokes, and that he’s actually pretty awkward, which is why your sister ended up breaking up with him, and you’re probably not going to hang out with him again unless all your friends are out of town.


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A thought about video games

(This was originally a facebook status; hence the lack of capitalization, etc. There’s no supporting arguments or evidence or whatever–it’s just a thought I had, and something I want to explore further. Really gotta go to bed.)


before i forget when i sleep tonight–the history (and possibly the future) of video games closely resembles that of still photography AND film, not just the latter.

born out of entirely scientific endeavors (discovery of silver nitrate’s properties/interactive cathode ray display experiments), then applied to amusement (flip-card peep shows at arcades/video games at arcades), then, eventually, on to high art.

video games are still at that peep show stage–at the end of the day, the most well-read criticism of a given game, no matter how beautifully drawn or scripted or acted the game is, centers on the game’s ability to amuse rather than its exploration of its themes. but to say that video games can NEVER be art (*cough*rogerebert*cough*) is myopic. there’s still the rest of forever to go for the form.


Sony Computer Entertainment's Shadow of the Colossus (image taken from


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some words with EDR

Possibly the least purpose-driven endeavor of all my life.

Also, watched Kung Fu Panda 2 today. First half was a bit of a headache, but the second half was legitimately cool. The whole movie was gorgeous to look at–especially Po’s deserted home village. Almost made me wish for a rainy day, as long as it’s even half as beautiful as the rainfall in that scene. 7/10.


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Yesterday, I joined good friends Jeff and Jenny on a trip to Chinatown.

only one gift available--everything else is martial arts

We ate at a restaurant from which I ordered Hunan beef. It was pretty fucking salty and hence the title of this blog post.

As they were headed to an event to which I had no tickets, I decided to head back early and break into their house to dick around for a while. Managed to let myself into the locked door with some investigative magic. I felt pretty Phoenix Wright-y about the whole thing.

I was planning on staying there until Jeff and Jenny returned, without telling them I was there, but Sklar, their roommate and another of my friends, returned first with his ladyfriend. I was hoping for a bigger reaction than the one he had when seeing me creepily sitting in the chair in front of the door, but we had a pretty nice conversation so hey.

This all reminds me of one thing:

I wanna go see Kung Fu Panda 2. Who’s coming with me?


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brand fuckin new

New blog.

Twitter exacerbates my ADD. Tumblr is… I lost interest in Tumblr. And Facebook notes are nigh invisible.

This first entry will lack structure entirely.

Instead, it shall feature pictures of my friends right after they drink a little whiskey in my room.

Northwestern University’s school year has officially ended. Seniors have gone away forever, and a lot of them I’ll never see again IN MY LIFE.

Annoying chick who shares a wall in my building is being loud as fuck with her loud as fuck friends. Considering blasting a li’l dubstep to shut her the fuck up, as I’ve done before, but I do care for my roommates.

(A lot of fucks in that sentence.)

this is not me

Had a long and awful discussion with potential subletters to my apartment. Let’s not get into that.

I’m headed to New Zealand at the end of the month. There’s a li’l program in which study abroad students can apply to blog for a site called The 195, but I decided it would be better to do it through my own wordpress because (a) I’ll be able to throw in unnecessary fucks wherever I damn please, (b) I can say mean things about people I shouldn’t say mean things about, and (c) I forgot to submit an application to blog for The 195.

Look forward to that DIG?

So, my girlfriend (her name is Megan) says wordpress is better for blogging with words, and tumblr’s better for images and links and stuff…




this is not my girlfriend


I miss my girlfriend a lot. Anyone wanna buy me a ticket to Philly before I leave for NZ?

this is my girlfriend and me


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