the natural confectionery

Sweet Jesus.

To what unearthly power did the owners of The Natural Confectionery pray to make such delicious gummy treats?

I'll gladly pay tribute to the same for an unlimited supply.

In other news, my friends and I took a little trip to the beach over the past weekend. (No photos; I left my camera at my flat.) It was a pleasant time, despite the rapidly advancing tide. One of my friends, Logan, and I wrestled on the beach. He beat me by submission, but it was a close one. Being that he played football in high school and has a good 40 or so pounds on me, I didn’t feel too bad about it. Apparently I bruised his hip, so there’s that.

Logan and I had previously worked on this li’l film together. We submitted it for the Victoria University of Wellington One Minute Movie Massive, where we were finalists.

My friends and I will be embarking on another trip soon. I’m not entirely clear on what we’re doing/where we’re going, but it’s New Zealand. It’ll be foreign enough to hold my attention.



About neokimchi

Film student (almost done with that), casting ace, actor, fist for hire.
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